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MoVe Ya G-sTrInG dOwN sOuTh

like my new thong?

11/25/04 09:56 pm - sucha___sucker - stamped

check it out, yo! haha<3Collapse )

11/25/04 12:01 am - ashleypaige87 - PICS

Not sure if I have the right pictures but I will give what I've got... I hope thats ok.




So there I am.. Thats me. I hope those pics are good for ya'll because thats all I have on this computer.

11/24/04 12:40 pm - __lost_cause__ - i like wearing "no bra no panties" to bed

:PCollapse )

11/24/04 12:39 pm - dumbbroad07 - No bra, no panties!


Thats how you get a urinary tract infection you child abuser!Collapse )

11/24/04 11:20 am - ashleypaige87 - No bra, No panties

Name:Ashli Paige Grantham

Virgin- no
"Bases"- homerun
Thirteen- no?

Name 5 bands or musical artists you like: Evanescence, pink, Breaking Benjamin, Crossfade, Incubus
Name 5 movies you like: Thirteen, Girl, Interrupted, Gia, Charlies angels 1 and 2, Homeroom
Name 5 TV shows you like: Charmed, Will and Grace, Fear Factor, Lifeline, Reno 911

At least 3 pics. One must show your face and one must show your body. Dont make them too big.

I will post my pictures ASAP!! I dont have them on this computer.

11/24/04 12:17 pm - so_unfair_x0x - MOD

19 auto accepts left!

sucha___sucker  is officially a mod too!

11/24/04 08:23 am - sucha___sucker - No bra, no panties :D

I hear this little 'wat wat wat' inside my head.Collapse )

11/23/04 10:42 pm - so_unfair_x0x - Beginning!

Hey everyone. This community is a rating community based on the movie Thirteen. If you love this movie, and you think youre hot then apply!

<3 rachel. your mod.
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