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MoVe Ya G-sTrInG dOwN sOuTh

like my new thong?

11/17/09 10:08 pm - lolixoxo - thirteen music video

Please watch in HQ and comment if you like =)

I know this is an old movie (2003), but i just love it! It is such an emotional and intense movie, and Evan was great in the part of Tracy. So i decided to make a promo with this beautifull song. Nothing special to say about this...just hope you'll like it! A big thanks to Giulia (Toblia) who helped me with the coloring and supported me! Please let me know what do you think about that ^^


3/17/05 07:41 pm - scarringwounds - No Bra No Panties

Name: Rhiannon
Age: 15
Location: Sydney Australia
Sexuality: Straight

Virgin- yeah.. but hopefully not for long ;)
"Bases"- 2nd
Thirteen- LuV that movie! i was sucha goody goody when i was 13... im a late bloomer, lol

Name 5 bands or musical artists you like: kelly clarkson, xtine, greenday, garbage, simple plan
Name 5 movies you like: thirteen, girl interrupted, a cinderella story, mean girls, a walk to remember
Name 5 TV shows you like: australian idol, big brother, the simpsons, jackass, room raiders

1/10/05 10:19 am - plastic_smiles_ - *_ nO bRa nO PanTiEs _ *

the itzy bitzy spider dropped acid in the parkCollapse )

1/9/05 08:45 pm - vanay - no bra no panties

Read more...Collapse )

1/1/05 11:29 pm - so_unfair_x0x - leavin

sorry guys, im leaving Livejournal in general. it was fun!

and since i HATE text-only posts..Collapse )

12/19/04 01:26 pm - so_unfair_x0x


12/5/04 07:56 pm - _only_him_ - No Bra No Panties

application <33Collapse )

12/1/04 12:33 pm - xlovexendedx - No Bra No Panties

ApplicationCollapse )

12/1/04 12:23 pm - xlovexendedx - No Bra No Panties

Name: Madison
Age: 14
Location: Ohio
Sexuality: Straight

Virgin- Nope
"Bases"- 1 ; 2 ; 3 ; home
Thirteen- My favorite movie.

Name 5 bands or musical artists you like:  Eminem, Senses Fail, Eric Clapton, Snoop Dogg, Petey Pablo
Name 5 movies you like: Thirteen, When Harry met Sally, Dazed and Confused, Old School, Half Baked
Name 5 TV shows you like: Sex and the City, Dawson's Creek, Degrassi, Jack and Bobby, Saved by the Bell

At least 3 pics. One must show your face and one must show your body. Dont make them too big.






11/28/04 10:01 am - no_secrets_04 - NO BRASSS, NO PANTIESSSSS! Wooooo!

OmG Its ThAt Girl?!?!Collapse )
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